About Agitate PR


Agitate PR/Photography Technical PR /Copywriting/Photography

Agitate PR provides a dedicated service to businesses in the engineering sector to deliver a powerful message that can be read by more people in a single day than your sales team may contact in a year.

Public relations: Inform existing and potential customers about your new developments, whether they are innovative products, updated services or, simply company news

Case studies: Maximise your customers' appreciation of what you do for them. Third-party testimonials are viewed as independent and are a powerful tool in your marketing activities.

Copywriting: Keep your web and social media presence current and up to date with regular refreshing of your media platform content.

Photography: An image really can replace a 1000 words. High quality photography conveys a strong message and stops people turning the page. (www.agitatephotography.co.uk)

Agitate PR supports clients with all of the above, providing a flexible and cost-effective service to raise the profile and brand awareness of its clients. For an informal discussion on what it can offer your business, click the link below and make contact.